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Learn about wheelchair options for rent

Wheelchair on your trip

Renting a wheelchair turns into a good alternative for travelers with limited mobility, a very convenient solution for the elderly or travelers with some limitation of momentary or permanent mobility. Learn about wheelchair options for rent that our company can try during their trip to Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Mayan Riviera.

Hotels and Wheelchairs

Most hotels in the tourist destinations of Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya or the city of Cancun, count with wheelchairs but unfortunately, are only for a short time and for emergencies . If you need a wheelchair, we invite you to book one with us, we have different sizes, we deliver in the lobby of your hotel from your arrival and we pick them up before your departure.

Weights and sizes available for wheelchairs

- Small: 18 inches wide | Up to 187 lbs.
- Medium: 22 Inches wide | Up to 243 lbs.
- Large: 24 Inches wide | Up to 330 lbs.

* Please request a quote according to the weight of the user.


Costs vary depending on the area where the hotel is located, so it is very important that you mention in your request the exact location of the city where the hotel is located or its final destination.

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